Coordinating School Improvement Statewide

An online professional learning community designed specifically for sharing, seamless collaboration, and communication

The Colorado Legacy Foundation is a fast-growing nonprofit looking to communicate effectively with educators and partners, as well as within their own organization. We set up an online communities site so they could easily create specialized groups while, for their internal usage, we built a customized events calendar.


As an organization growing its involvement in supporting school innovation and improvement across 13 school districts, the Colorado Legacy Foundation needed a better way to manage its expanding list of initiatives. Having seen the results of our previous work with eNetColorado and OETC, they were keen to have us provide a dynamic online professional learning community for them as well.


Our engineering team tailored an installation of Drupal to serve as the Web platform for the professional learning community and augmented it further with additional modules and custom code to users to join groups, contribute resources, share best practices, and comment on discussions.


Using the professional learning community, the 13 school districts of the Colorado Integration Project will serve as “learning laboratories” for the rest of the state, continuously collaborating to inform best practices for local and statewide implementation.