Collaborative instructional resource sharing

A dynamic web-based community resource and checkout system for seamless function and education transformation

The Portland Metro STEM Partnership is a regional collaboration of organizations with a shared goal of transforming science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education for K-12 students. The only problem was that they lacked an online community to truly fulfill the promise of this collaboration. That is, until Clarity…


The Portland Metro STEM Partnership (PMSP) found an emerging need to connect its many public and private partner organizations, educators, administrators and others involved in the project via some type of online community.


While one of the project’s major partners offered to host the community through its existing Jive platform, PMSP sought assistance in designing and building out its sub-community, including finding a means to support a new “resource checkout” service that would allow educators to borrow science equipment for short periods. Once engaged, we created detailed requirements for the community, including flow and structure, user access information, and content types such as calendars and groups.


We integrated a custom PMSP look and feel by overriding the default styling of the host Jive site. In order to support the need for resource checkout, we also developed a separate but integrated Drupal-based site where educators can browse a library of equipment and send reservations that are easily managed by PMSP staff.