Chosing the best mobile product development strategy

Seamlessly integrating product strategy and technology into classroom instruction through a smart, forward-thinking mobile strategy

Known for its large collection of tutorial videos and supplemental content, Atomic Learning found itself in uncharted territory when mobile learning became mainstream with the launch of the Apple iPad. Clarity helped move the company's capabilities forward, so that they could help learners of all ages and abilities embrace education technology.


Faced with multiple options for how to evolve their product strategy, Atomic Learning turned to Clarity Innovations for direction and expertise.


We began with a concise review and analysis of near- and long-term goals for a mobile product and its relationship to the existing product line. Using insights gained from informal ethnographic research, we helped Atomic Learning define the needs of their audience, the core purpose and features of their app, and designed wireframes illustrating the user experience and flow. Through this process, we evaluated mobile app business and licensing models, identified implementation dependencies (internal and external), developed technical specifications and requirements and recommended a firm for engineering the app.


Atomic Learning launched its first app in September 2012. In the end, the company gained the expertise and knowledge necessary to inform their strategic decision-making and have insight into promising opportunities for future product offerings. The experience also informed their plans to build a new line of professional development content about mobile learning.