Bringing technology strategy into focus

Strategic guidance helps a district-wide instructional technology professional development initiative to reap real-world results

As the second-largest school district in the Oregon, Salem-Keizer Public Schools, Oregon School District 24J, educates over 40,000 students in 65 schools. To help fulfill their mission to prepare all students for a succesful life, Salem-Keizer enlisted Clarity to help integrate cutting-edge education technology into the curriculum.


Recognizing the role of instructional technology in achieving its strategic goals, Salem-Keizer Public Schools initiated a search for an experienced facilitator with a profound understanding of instructional technology to assist with an evaluation and planning process at the district level.


We were chosen by Salem-Keizer for our unique background and expertize in the field working with other large school districts facing similar challenges.


Our work with Salem-Keizer informed (among other things), how the district evaluates and incorporates new technologies to support teaching and learning, and what actions the district takes to foster a culture of technology enriched instructional practice.