Bringing a market strategy into focus

A product market review, strategic realignment and web-based solution worked in sync with sound strategy

Foundations in Learning had a new, varied practice methodology—a different way of teaching children how to read—and needed help with product positioning and getting this product to market. We worked with messaging and public relations to deliver a clear positioning statement and message matrix to help usher a product with phenomenal potential.


Marketing a web-based solution for individualized supplemental learning materials, Foundations in Learning was struggling to enter the traditional education market because it wasn’t well known and it lacked the capacity to support the lengthy decision making process. Furthermore, their approach was unfamiliar to most reading/curriculum specialists, even though they had good efficacy data showing improving student literacy. 


The organization intended to move their offerings to mobile (iPad) and pursue the mobile platform as the primary channel for distribution and sales because this is an easy way to reach the consumer market while also making it available to the education market.


Foundations in Learning hired us to provide a range of business guidance including: reviewing and recommending changes to their strategic plan; supporting and facilitating the realignment of product and marketing efforts to meet the needs of two markets; and providing the expertise necessary to advise, inform and consult about overall product and marketing strategy.