Bringing into focus the essential features for global collaboration

Careful analysis and planning that turns an innovative idea into a concise plan for building a solid foundation that enables future growth.

With so many domestic and international programs available of different scale, scope, and resources, it’s difficult to know which to participate in, either as a mentor or a young woman seeking guidance, advice, counsel, career experience, or inspiration. Girls Thinking Global aims to fix that.


Girls Thinking Global is on a mission to make it easier for likeminded organizations around the world to coordinate their support, mentorship, and empowerment of young women. A web-based tool that serves as a clearinghouse of data and community of people is the first step. Sorting out the requirements, features, and technical specifics however, wasn't going to be easy. Having known of our work with a variety of clients, they called on Clarity Innovations to help make their innovative ideas clear.


We began with a concise review and analysis of near- and long-term goals for the solution. In collaboration with GTG's leadership, we determined the purpose, audiences, and core features of the solution being envisioned. We helped identify feature dependencies and priorities and consulted about technology trends, advantages and disadvantages to different approaches to engineering the solution, and estimated different budget and timetable scenarios for building the solution.


The outcome of our effort was a well-defined set of requirements and specifications for the solution, organized into a roadmap of releases that add functionality over time. Not only does this ensure a more clearly defined solution, it also helps scale the solution to fit a timetable and budget, both of which may change as they partner with other organizations.