Bringing a comprehensive web strategy into focus

A meticulous evaluation assessment results in a sound web strategy and innovative online learning community

Bellingham Public Schools couldn't choose a content management system to suit their unique needs, and needed help. A new superintendent directed that outside expertise be brought in to facilitate the CMS evaluation and develop momentum for a sound Web strategy. That's when we got involved, and helped evaluate possible solutions and helped pave the way for seamless implementation.


After two years of trying to identify a potential content management system (CMS), Bellingham Public Schools was having difficulty determining the best course of action. There was no consensus on the evaluation criteria to choose a CMS, nor did they have a strategy for how best to use the Web.


We performed an independent assessment of the requirements for their Web presence, evaluated potential solutions, and provided a concrete roadmap for implementation. During our effort, we also performed an informal technology infrastructure audit and provided recommendations for reducing barriers to innovative instruction.


They reached an agreement on Web strategy and next steps for implementation (an RFP for a Drupal developer). There is new interest in achieving similar results in other areas of technology management.