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With a background as classroom practitioners and technology analysts, we have the blended expertise necessary to define, design, and engineer innovative apps that improve the process and practice of teaching and learning.

Here are a few examples from our portfolio of apps we've designed and engineered for clients on a variety of platforms.

Number Pieces, by The Math Learning Center

The Number Pieces app helps students develop a deeper understanding of place value while building their computation skills with multi-digit numbers. Students use the pieces to represent multi-digit numbers, regroup, add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

Geoboard, by The Math Learning Center

The Geoboard is a tool for exploring a variety of mathematical topics introduced in the elementary and middle grades. Learners stretch bands around pegs to form line segments and polygons and make discoveries about perimeter, area, angles, congruence, fractions, and more.

Number Rack, by The Math Learning Center

The Number Rack facilitates the natural development of children’s number sense. Rows of moveable, colored beads encourage learners to think in groups of fives and tens, helping them to explore and discover a variety of addition and subtraction strategies.

Learning in Context: Concept Mapping

Learning in Context: Concept Mapping allows students to easily create mind maps, flowcharts, and concept maps. You can use it to create visual representations of ideas to help in brainstorming or as a visual aid for peers and teachers. Its simple to use interface lets you draw shapes, add text and connectors, and share with others. This app was created by Clarity Innovations with support from the Intel Corporation.

Learning in Context: Population Statistics

Learning in Context: Population Statistics guides students through collecting data about two statistical populations, visualizing statistical distributions, and drawing comparative inferences. Designed for the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Learning in Context: Reading Comprehension

Learning in Context: Reading Comprehension aids students in learning how to read text passages for comprehension. Students will collect and review vocabulary words, and will complete short exercises to check their understanding. This app is part of a series of education-specific apps commissioned by the Intel Corporation.

My Homework Reminder Chrome Extension

My Homework Reminder provides a simple means by which students and teachers can create simple reminders and to-do lists from within the Google Chrome browser. Users can add items, create due-dates, and view completed assignments without having to disrupt what they are currently working on.

Intel® Learn Easy Steps

The Intel® Learn Easy Steps program addresses the needs of adults and youth around the world who seek to learn basic digital literacy skills. Its simple instructional approach teaches basic computer literacy, which is a key 21st century skill, enabling enhanced social and economic self-sufficiency. Included are over three dozen Intel Learn Easy Steps Activity Cards in PDF format. These cards include self-instruction materials showing how to create a useful product or complete a specific task using key technology applications.

National Tech Goes Home Resource Finder

Tech Goes Home offers free resources for parents, students, and teachers who want to use technology in their daily lives. The resources are grouped in five categories: LIVE for personal wellness, LEARN for self-directed online learning, EARN for managing spending and saving, WORK for becoming college and career ready, and PLAY for finding cultural and recreational opportunities. Tech Goes Home was originally created by Open Air Boston and the national model was underwritten by Intel Education and developed by Clarity Innovations.


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