Thor Prichard speaking at Mobile Portland

Like every other industry, educational institutions are adopting mobile devices. What does it look like today, four years after the advent of the iPad? What are the challenges and constraints unique to using mobile devices in educational institutions? How has these devices affected classroom management, instructional strategies and student achievement? Thor Prichard will be answering these questions at August's MobilePortland meeting. He will be presenting about device adoption data, implementation trends and use case examples before sharing advice about what to do (and not do) when building an app for schools.

Also presenting will be Sean Williams, Director of Instructional Technology at Riverdale School District, who will walk through how different devices are used at different grade levels, why Google ChromeBooks have become so popular in education, explain the constraints in education (power, wifi coverage, bandwidth, student data privacy) and give a wishlist of what educators wish app developers would build for education.

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