Stefanie Hausman Attending BETT 2019

Clarity Learning Experience Designer Stefanie Hausman will be attending BETT 2019 (the British Educational Training and Technology show) from January 23rd to 26th in London, England. Somewhat similar to our ISTE Conference here in the states, BETT is focused on the practical needs of the education community. This year’s conference will bring together over 800 leading ed-tech companies, 103 intriguing start-ups, as well as over 34,000 attendees from every corner of the global ed-tech community. All of these smart people will be grappling with the role of technology and innovation in education, and how it can empower teachers and learners alike to succeed like never before. 

“I’m hoping to come back with some meaningful insights for my Clarity clients so they can thrive in the new year,” Stefanie says. “Until then: cheerio!”