What is a “Client Lead” and why does it matter?

February 9, 2012

Clarity culture

As you may have noticed, Clarity Innovations is growing its team of Client Leads. While doing so will expand our capacity for working with clients to focus innovative ideas into meaningful results, it is one of the most challenging positions for hiring.

Finding and hiring the right Client Lead is difficult—not necessarily due to its prerequisites or qualifications (which aren’t insignificant)—but because it requires finding a candidate that can demonstrate a passion for leading others at (and contributing to) achieving our fundamental mission: improving the process and practice of teaching. This means knowing first-hand the context and constraints of K-12 education and having a sense of or vision for what can be done to make it better.

The nature of a Clarity Client Lead is fundamentally about leadership. It’s about collaborating with clients to understand their context and priorities to establish meaningful objectives. It’s about representing the client’s interests in defining a strategy or determining the right approach to achieve the results desired. And it’s about leading, contributing and supporting to the team to get the work done.

Client Lead? Sure, we could have named this job any number of things: Account Manager, Senior Project Manager, etc. The reason we don’t is that the nature of the work doesn’t fit the definitions usually connoted by these titles, each with levels of hierarchy, specialization, and structure. In our case, it’s often a mix of all of these skills, varying by the project, client, or nature of the work.

So if you can demonstrate an ability to consult, create, shape, improve, and deliver solutions that meet the needs of K-12 education with a passion for the future of education and technology, then consider joining our team as our next Client Lead.