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Have an iPhone? Want to keep up-to-date with ed apps? I recently came across EduTecher, an app and Web site with links to education apps, or so I thought. Using it, I discovered several apps, such as issuu, Word Magnets, doris, and many more. Here’s what I liked and didn’t like about the app.

  • It has a lot of education tools
  • It is updated frequently
  • It has a video section with links to the YouTube how-to videos with explanations of and directions for using the Webtools. This is great!
  • Most of the Webtools are free
  • It’s a free app
  • Search feature works well


  • The “links” are not actually links, just explanations of the webtools. I guess they aren’t all i-phone apps – too bad. Since they are listed under “links,” though, I expected them to link to the Web site. I could open them in Safari by clicking one of the buttons at top and choosing “Open in Safari,” but it would be nice to have a direct link. I really liked “A Brief History of Technology in Education.”
  • “More” section was empty. It is divided into categories, and it looks like there’s more, but there’s less, actually nothing there.

I’m always on the lookout for iPhone education apps. Of course, in this case, this is more of a collection than an actual application.