Adobe MAX Highlights

Although I've only been back in the office for a couple of days, I've already started to filter through my notes, scribbles, and reminders from my attendance at Adobe MAX earlier this week. Before too long, I'll post additional details about some of the specific sessions but for now, here are some key highlights:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud - if Adobe can pull this off as well as they seem to be planning, then I think it may well be a game-changer. The integration across platforms of storage, tools, and creative access is just the sort of evolution that things like or Dropbox need.
  • Typekit - over the past 2-3 years, Adobe has really been supporting webkit, HTML5, and CSS3. Their purchase of Typekit underscores that committment and should make integration even simpler.
  • Chartwell - this font is just spectacular
  • Adobe Edge - the latest version, Preview 3, which adds interactive using jQuery makes this a much more useful and potentially essential tool.
  • Phonegap - I'd only heard a bit about this tool and the ability to compile HTML5 as a native iOS/Android device but after a 90 minute session I have a much clearer understanding and am ready to dig in.