Quizzes: To Love or to Hate?

Why do we hate and love quizzes? We hate them in school, especially the “pop” variety, but we love taking them about everything else from “Which Britney Personality Are You”  to “The Nerd Test.” 
Online quizzes can be very useful tools for teachers, especially for differentiation. You can use online quizzes to help students review prerequisite knowledge and skills before starting a new unit and to help students identify areas where they might need more practice.

Teachers can use tools, such as Quizbox or My Quiz Creator to make their own quizzes. There are also hundreds of quizzes available on the web, many with bells and whistles that make them more like games than boring quizzes.

Useful Online Quiz Sites
A collection of links to dozens of quizzes on math, science, social studies, grammar, and test preparation.

Links to quizzes, available in different formats, on a variety of topics, some silly and some academic.

IXL Math
A set of math quizzes for kindergarten through algebra that are tied to standards with explanations for incorrect answers.

Around 270 links to online science quizzes listed in alphabetical order.

World Quizzes
Over 50 ten-question quizzes on world geography, such as bodies of water and country capitals.

Economic Quiz
A site supported by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston with dozens of quizzes on various economic topics.

Go Grammar
Over 50 quizzes on grammar and language usage.

Classic Literature Quizzes
Dozens of quizzes on classic authors and books with summary screens at the end that explain all answers.

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