Need Maker Resources? Start Here!

The Maker Movement is all about options: what would you like to create? How best would you like to express that project? What materials and tools would help bring about your desired results? It makes sense then that our professional learning around makerspaces should be as equally diverse and customizable. Below, explore different mediums for growing your own maker capacity.

New to makerspaces and just want some quick reads?

...How about more in-depth reading?

Prefer a course?

Want to watch or share a video?

Rather listen to a podcast?

Want to get your hands dirty? Ready to make?

Remember: You don’t have to know everything! Modeling the learning and discovery process is an important facet of a makerspace, so feel free to explore these resources alongside other makers.

Anything we missed? Do you have a favorite resource to share? Let us know in the comments below!

In March 2021, Kailey Rhodes joined our extended network of alumni.