Virtual Success with Communication

I have been taking and teaching/facilitating online courses since 2000 and working virtually since 2006. So one would think that I would have a handle on making the most of a virtual environment. This past month I participated in a virtual support system/game related to setting and achieving goals.  It was an amazing experience with participants from all over the US.  Through this virtual collaborative experience I was reminded that the key to virtual success is communication.  Communication has come a long way in the past 10 years. The constant contact and interactions with others reminded me of all the tools that are available to support virtual communication. 


  • Email –this is probably the virtual tool I have used the longest, it is basic, everyone had an email address and sharing information is easy
  • Facebook –this social media site is where we created a private group, we could send messages to all group members or just post and share
  • Text Messaging – for those little reminders or questions that came up throughout the day just using text allowed us to keep in touch and a couple of group members learned a trick or two in how to communicate with others
  • Skype – we used this for a virtual call, allowing all participants to chat at the same time.
  • Web Conferencing – there are lots of different tools for conferencing but one of our smaller group members uses WebEx and we met there for a weekly check in.  We even used that to take a virtual picture of our group.

There are additional tools that can be used for communication purposes, but these are the ones that paid a large part in my group experience.  It is also key to be clean in what you are saying and meaning.

I also wonder what tools will be available in 10 years to help with communication.  Will they have changed?  Or will they be enhancements of what is currently available.

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