Track & the iPad

An iPad at a track meet? At first, one would think that the iPad is just a distraction between events, and although that is true, this is about a different relationship: using the iPad to help with performance. 

The use of film to help athletes and performers critique, refine, and perfect their performance is nothing new, but the ease and portability of the iPad takes this to a new level. My son participates in the field throwing events, shot put and discus. The coaches use the iPad to film each throw. The athletes then receive immediate feedback from the coach as they watch the actions of the film together.  Sometimes they use an App such as Video Pix, which allows the player and the coach to break the video down frame by frame so they can see exactly where to improve upon their technique. All of this feedback and review is now done right at the practice fields.  All of the throwers have hit new personal records this year. This is in part due to the detailed immediate review and feedback that athletes are given to be able to refine and improve before the next practice throw. 

As educators, whether it is academics or athletics, the evolution of technology to support assessment and feedback has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. We need to make sure that educators not only can access this technology, but also understand what it can do for them and their students to improve the learning process. 

What technology tools or resources do you use to help with assessment and student performance?  

In August 2017, Julia Fischer joined our extended network of alumni.