Transitioning to digital content is not something that is new.  It is just something that is gaining momentum as more and more schools are transitioning to one-to-one computing environments. With the introduction of the Internet access to digital content in the classrooms began. Initially it was using the internet for supplemental information or simulations. Now with blended learning environments and digital textbooks a classroom can become completely digital. 

The transition to a fully digital classroom may be easier in an online course. In a fully online environment content is shared virtually with students and having digital content can add to the course design.  For an online course that I teach I provide a blend of teacher created digital resources as well as referencing the required textbook and readings. Students have the option of purchasing either the hard copy or the digital version of the book, through a retailer like CourseSmart.  Those that purchase the digital version like all the functions and features of a digital textbook from the ability to have their text with them at all times, to being able to highlight and comment in the sections they are reading.  Having the digital content available both on and offline for students to use is beneficial because not everyone is always connected to the Internet.   

As a parent and educator I welcome digital content to the classrooms. More and more students have access to mobile technology either through personal purchasing or through a school one-to-one program. With more access to technology that means more access to digital content and allows students to have 24/7 access to materials that will help them grow as a student.  As a parent not only do I like that they have access to materials when they need them – but I also like the idea that all the content is on one device and instead of carrying several books and other resources back and forth between home and school they just have the one device.

So where do you see your classroom going?  Here are a few resources to get you started on thinking about Digital Content: