While many see great potential with its educational application, others argue that the “cool factor” may be overshadowing its actual benefit.
October 6, 2014
Lisa Fisher
While most districts have undergone dramatic growth, there are still many in small rural communities that are doing what they can with what they have.
July 15, 2014
Dale Basye
Reporting from the corner of Fashion and Function.
April 15, 2014
Dale Basye
For those of us who believe that technology can engage students and elevate learning to deeper levels, the Common Core is speaking our language.
April 24, 2013
Peggy Grant
We all know that the future will depend on engineers, scientists, and technology experts, but how does ICT fit into the role of STEM education?
January 4, 2013
Lisa Fisher
Like all trends, this one must be carefully balanced with research-based teaching practices and pedagogy.
May 7, 2012
Lisa Fisher
Too many times, studies lack rigor in their design and control for bias, instead jumping to conclusion of a causal relationship in their results.
September 11, 2009
Thor Prichard