In March 2017, Jess Sanders joined our extended network of alumni.

Jess Sanders

Instructional Designer

From STEM to stern, Jess Sanders is a teacher: eager and adept at communicating the complex in ways that not only help an audience to understand, but to truly—deeply—learn. As an instructional designer at Clarity Innovations, Jess has contributed to online professional development workshops for teachers that facilitates the inclusion of emerging technologies into the classroom. He has designed web pages and led discussions for an online community of educators interested in classroom uses for new technologies. Additionally, Jess has collaborated with a team of other writers to create a change management workshop aimed at school leaders in countries worldwide.


Before joining Clarity Innovations, Jess worked at Robolink— a San Diego company that develops and provides robotic kits and instruction to children—where he helped develop and implement a cutting-edge curriculum to teach robotics and smart phone app programming to elementary and middle school students. Previously, Jess developed smartphone apps for location-based GPS learning (where the learner walks between predefined locations using a smartphone or tablet for immersive educational experiences); taught middle school math; provided literacy intervention in Austin, Texas; and spent time as a research assistant designing, developing, and field-testing curriculum and technology resources for K-12 students. Jess’ innate curiosity for how things work fuels his enthusiasm for working on STEM-related projects with clients.

Professional affiliations

  • Learning Forward 

Education and/or certifications  

  • MA, Education Technology, San Diego State University
  • BA, Concentration—Philosophy of Science, Evergreen State College
  • Certified math and science teacher
  • Google Certified Educator

    Select presentations 

  • Co-authored Intel Change Management Workshop Manual

Additional expertise

Google Certified Educator Level 1


Google Certified Educator Level 2