In October 2010, Marie Bjerede joined our extended network of contributors.

Marie Bjerede

Principal, e-Mergents

Marie Bjerede is a writer, speaker, and champion for education transformation. She believes people acting as independent agents can collaborate to get more done and live happier lives. She's seen, first-hand, how technology co-evolves with that model. She thinks a lot about how students, citizens, and employees can take ownership of their work and create force multipliers for productivity, creativity, and happiness. Marie has spent a quarter century in the wireless communication industry working in many roles -- from embedded software coder to leadership geek to education advocate. From this front-row seat to the wireless revolution, she's seen mobile broadband bring the transformative potential of the Internet to industries and communities. But she's also watched as schools have been left behind. With her wireless communication background, she's now challenging technical, economic, social, and systemic obstacles.