Elizabeth Marquis

Graphic Designer

Every line, every shape, and every color that Elizabeth employs to create her startling works of intuitive, user-friendly design come with over 17 years of experience as a graphic designer/art director. During her career, she has provided surefooted design and art direction across multiple disciplines—including mobile, web, print, and environments—for small design shops, nonprofit start-ups, and advertising agencies.


At Clarity, Elizabeth’s obsession with quality design and smartly developed work intersects with her passion for education, stemming from her experience as a former art teacher for a K-6 private school. She enjoys collaborating with educators and content developers to devise fresh and effective educational experiences for teachers, students, and learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Elizabeth’s past work includes: branding; marketing; logos; identity development; brochures; packaging; specialty invitations; web design; user-experience; signage; video; and most every type of collateral you can think of. She confidently walks the tightrope between high-level concepts and the production-level details that can make or break a project.


Holding a BFA from PNCA, Elizabeth has always been an artist at heart and fills her spare time with illustration, fine art and sculpture projects that infuse her graphic design work with elegance and warmth.