Early Childhood Education Contract Writer(s)

Type : Independent Contractor(s)

Scope : up to 300 hours

Duration : ~ 3-4 months

Deadline : Open until filled

Location : Open to remote candidates located anywhere in the United States.

We are working with one of our clients on a long-term curriculum development project for early childhood learning. We are soliciting applications from freelance curriculum writers with experience in early childhood development and learning to help identify and develop age-appropriate instructional materials that foster a love of learning while developing social and emotional skills. Contracted writers will author innovative early learning lessons aligned to specific standards and approaches using a defined structure for the curriculum (e.g., a content template) that supports inclusive approaches with a focus on child agency and self-determination.


Scope of Work

A representative list of tasks in a typical scope of work for contract writers may include the following:

  • Generate innovative ideas, concepts, and activities in alignment with early childhood education practices;
  • Develop and write creative, high-quality, inclusive early learning curriculum that is aligned with defined standards and approaches, and that follows a structured curriculum template;
  • Partner closely with our larger curriculum writing and development team;
  • Ensure all content is copyedited and ready for final review;
  • Attend meetings, virtually or in-person, to ensure alignment on approach and deliverables; and,
  • Follow an established style guide for all content you deliver.


Contract writers are expected to posses at least three (3) years experience:

  • Creating, developing, and writing integrated, inclusive, anti-bias instructional materials based on the domains of executive function, mindfulness, social-emotional development, physical development and wellness, STEM/STEAM, and language and literacy;
  • Copywriting for a standardized set of writing conventions, styles, and voice, and the ability to self-edit;
  • Being flexible and responsive to tight timelines and due dates;
  • Accepting feedback and constructive evaluation of your work and making requested revisions;
  • Using Microsoft Office and Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) to track changes and comments;
  • Employing excellent communication skills, including interpersonal skills and the ability to work collaboratively with colleagues from varying interest groups; and,
  • Providing services as a freelance curriculum writer.


A bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university is preferred, but not required. Studies in early childhood education or a closely related field are preferred, but are not required. Additional coursework (e.g., towards a professional certification or graduate level degree) is welcomed, but again, not required.



Since this is contract engagement and not employment, benefits are not provided. As such, where the work takes place is at the discretion of the contractor.



This opportunity pays $3,000 per week of curriculum developed. (Details about the nature of the work to be performed will be shared with candidates invited to interview.)



This opportunity requires submission of your resume, a sample of your curriculum writing portfolio, and references for verification as conditions for consideration.

Application Process

Please follow these instructions to prepare your cover letter and resume, then email them to the address below.

Third party applications from staffing agencies are not accepted.

We cultivate a culture of inclusion and pursue strategies that increase the representation of women and people of color in our company. Clarity Innovations, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against job candidates or employees on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity characteristics or expression, disability, medical condition, U.S. military or veteran status, or any other class protected by law in recruiting, hiring, training, and promoting. If you require reasonable accommodation to complete the application and/or interview process, please contact us.